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 K I found a place that is doing 15 days in Jan challenges. It sounds like a fun idea so i am going to try my hand at them lol If you want to join it there come Snowflake_Challenge Anyway this one says to tell people of at least 3 fanworks I have done that i am proud of. I don't really have that much that I am really happy with but here I go.

A Christmas Honeymoon this is my first try at smut on the show Criminal Minds show. It is JJ/Hotch and I have friends that have liked it on so I guess it is good lol

Learning to Love Again this is a Grey's Anatomy drabble that I did as if Mark Sloan hadn't died but Lexie Grey still had. 

Welcome Home This is my first try at smut for one of my all time fave crime drama Blue Bloods. It is for Danny/Linda and i just love it so.

Well that is it for today. I hope you all like the ones i picked and if you want to I would love to see what you all think of these ones and my others if I have something you will read. lol 


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