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 This is a crossover fic that i will try and update soon

Chapter 1

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Grace Hospital

Meredith Gray was walking down the hall of the hospital reading a chart when she ran into her person Cristina Yang. 

“Oh Cristina, I’m sorry. I wasn’t watching what I was doing.”

“I can see that.” Cristina said in her way. “What has you so into it that you walk into people?”

Mere rolls her eyes. “Oh just this case I am working on with Mark. I am trying to get as much OR time in before next month when I will be gone for a month.” 

Cristina rolls her eyes at that. She still couldn’t believe Mer was going to marry “McDreamy.” Mer saw the eye roll but decided to let it go cause she wasn’t going to fight with Cristina over how she treats Derek.

“I have to go cause I have to study up on this case so I am ready to be in the OR later. I will talk to you later on.” Mer told her and walked away to study up on the case.

Cristina watched her walk away and then just rolls her eyes her person was slowly slipping away from her and if she didn’t do something fast she might lose her forever. At that thought Cris turned and left to come up with something that would stop this wedding and fast.

Los Angeles, CA

Oceanside Wellness

Addison Montgomery was starring at an envelope that had her name on it. It was an invite to Meredith and Derek’s wedding that was taking place in NY in just a month. She still had a couple days to RSVP by and she was still trying to decided if she should or wanted to go to it. When she heard a knock on her office door and when she saw the door open and saw it was her best friend Naomi Bennett standing there. 

“Are you still starring at that invite?” Naomi asked Addison when she saw her looking at the invitation.

“Yea. I am trying to decided if I want to put myself though the pain of watching Derek and Meredith getting married.” Addie told her.

“I can understand that but you won’t be there alone. We all got invited to the wedding and we are all going so why don’t you tell them you will be there and we can all hang out in NYC together.” Naomi told her with a smile on her face.

Addison looked at her and smiled. “Yea you know you are right. I will call Derek’s mom now and let her know I will be there.” Addison said and she put the invite down and picked up the phone and dialed the number she knew by heart from having been with Derek for 11 plus years.

Seattle Grace Hospital

Meredith was reading up on the surgery she was going to do with Mark when Derek Shepherd came walking up behind and kissed the top of her head.

“Hey.” Mer said when she felt him. Not that she didn’t already know he was around since she always knew when he was in a room.

“Hey. I just got a call from my mom and she said Addison will be coming to the wedding.” Derek said as he went and sat on the table she was at.

“That’s good. I’m glad she can come. I was worried it would be too hard for her. I know if I had to watch you marry someone else I wouldn’t be able to do it.” Mer told him.

Derek smiled and then kissed her. “I couldn’t either but lucky for us we never ever have to do that cause we will be married for the rest of our years. The next 50 years or so you will be Meredith Grey-Shepherd.” Derek told her.

Mer smirked at him. “That is so cheesy Der.”

Derek smiled at that. “You love when I’m cheesy.”

“You are right I do but now I have to read about this surgery and you have to get back to your patient’s.” Mer told him.

“You are so bossy.” Derek told her.

“You love when I’m bossy. It keeps you in line.” Mer told him as she kissed him one last time and then went back to reading up on the surgery.

“You are right I do.” Derek said as he got up and walked out of the room.

Little did they know that Cristina was standing outside the door listening in on their talk and coming up with a plan she was sure would break them up for good.


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