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Chapter 1

It has now been 1 month since Max had left and 3 weeks since Stephanie found out she is pregnant and it hasn’t been easy but Steph had been doing a good job so far. She did everything she was told to do and never worked more then 4 hours a day so that she could make sure her stress was always down. Little did she know that was all about change and her life was about to get so complicated and stressful.

Steph was sitting in the Brady pub waiting for her lunch when she heard a voice she thought she would never hear again.

“Come on Mel. We can eat here.” Said the voice of one Max Brady.

“But Max they don’t like me here and it will just be a big fight like it always is.” Mel said in a whinny voice. Steph did everything she could not to cringe at the voice.

Just then she was saved by the voice of one Bo Brady. “Wow look what the cat dragged in.” Bo said not so nicely.

Max looked up at him and saw the look on his face and then rolled his eyes. “Gee Bo nice to know I was missed.” 

“Yea well you did just up and leave and not tell anyone you were going anywhere other than a phone call after you had left.” Bo told him.

“Look Mel and I need some family bonding time that is all.” Max said as he rubbed his face.

Steph was still feeling so much stress that when her stomach hurt she knew right away it was her baby.

“Ow!” Steph said loud enough to have Bo and Max hear her and Bo ran right over to her with Max right behind him.

“Steph are you alright?” Bo asked her.

“It’s the baby uncle Bo. Something is wrong.” Was all she could say before she felt it again. “Ow!”

“Alright I am taking you to the hospital.” Bo said as he pushed Max out of the way and left Brady’s with Steph in his arms and a very confused Max left to stand there worried about Steph and wondering who the father of her baby is.

Stephanie was sitting in a hospital room waiting for the Daniel to come in and tell her what was going on. She was starring up above her when she heard the door open. She looked at the door thinking it was Daniel when she saw it was Max.

“What are you doing here?” Steph asked pissed that he thought he could just walk into her room like he belonged there.

“I just wanted to make sure you were alright.” Max said looking at her with worry in his eyes.

“Since when did you care if was alright? You sure didn’t care how I felt when you left me and didn’t even tell me to my face you did it the coward way and did it over the phone.” Steph said willing her tears not to fall and let him see how much he can still hurt her.

“Look, Steph, that might not have been the best way to go about. Everyone has made sure to tell me that but that never once meant didn’t care about you. I love you Steph.” Max tells her.

“Oh that is rich. You love me huh? That is why you called me jealous of Mel and then basically broke up with me over the phone? You know what Max don’t answer that just get out!” Steph yelled at him.

“Steph…” Max started to say when he heard a voice behind him.

“She asked you to leave Max and I think you should listen to her and leave before I have my dad come in her and yank you out of here.” Chelsea told him.

Max looked at Chelsea and then back at Steph and then he lowers his head and walks out of the door. Stephanie and Chelsea watch him leave and then when the door is closed Chelsea turned to face Stephanie and saw the tears falling from her eyes and she walked over to Steph and pulled her into her arms and let her cry.

It had been a week since Max just up and walked back into their lives and sure he was working hard to get back in good with his family and maybe some of the Brady’s were starting to slowly let him back into their lives but not Steph. She couldn’t cause it wasn’t just her she had to worry about. She know how to look after her child and though she wanted Max to be the father she knew he could be to their baby she was afraid of what would happen if he just up and left again at Mel’s say.

Max has been working hard to earn his families trust again and sure he would love for Steph to trust him again but he then would think about how she is going to have a baby and he would then think he didn’t have the right to interfere her in life cause she has moved on. He would wonder who the father was but if he would just stop and count back the months he would realize that he was the father.

Chelsea was still trying to help Steph keep Max away from her cause she knows that Daniel said no stress for Steph. She just couldn’t help but wonder if Steph should at least tell Max about the baby. Every time she brought it up though Steph would say that he couldn’t know cause then he would want to get back together with her just for the baby and she wouldn’t live a life like that and she most differently wouldn’t put her baby though that kinda of life. Chelsea would have to agree with Steph on that part so she decided she would just have to see for herself what Max’s intentions were when it came to Steph and if he really did plan on staying in town.


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