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Chapter 2

Stephanie was sitting in the Brady pub having lunch and waiting for her mom to come when the door opened and in walked Max. She saw him and roll her eyes and then looked down at her food. She was then looking at her book about being a new mom when she looked and up and saw Max standing there.

“What do you want Max?” 

Max looks at her with a bit of hurt in his eyes but then shakes it off and sits down across from her.

“I just want to talk to you. I haven’t been able to since Chelsea and everyone won’t let me knew you.” Max tells her.
“Yea I know I asked them to do that since I don’t want to be around you or fighting with you over stupid things like Mel. You know I am going to have a baby in eight months and I want to stay as calm as possible.” Stephanie tells him and then looks back down at her book.

“Look I get it you are mad at me but you have moved on I man you are pregnant aren’t you?” Max said not meaning to come out like that but didn’t realize how bad that sounded till he saw the look on Stephanie’s face.

“Look for your information this kid I’m carrying is yours and if you don’t believe me count back the months but know this that this is only your kid because you and I had sex but other then that this is my baby.” Stephanie said and then she got up and walked to the counter where Caroline was standing and said something to her and then walked up the stairs and left Max sitting there in shock.

Stephanie couldn’t believe she had just told Max that the baby was his. She wanted to keep it from him cause she doesn’t believe he has any rights to the baby but he just made her so mad at how he made it sound like she was moving on from him so fast that she just let it slip. Now what was she going to do? How was she going to make it so Max left her alone. She knew she had to call Chelsea she would know what to do and what she should do next.

Max didn’t know what to say or do? He couldn’t believe Stephanie was going to have his baby and she is only telling him cause he made her mad. Could it be she was never going to tell him. 

“Oh my god. What am I going to do? How am I suppose to get Stephanie to let me be there for her and our baby?” Max asked himself.

“Maybe by not putting your sister a head of her would be a good start.” Said a voice from behind him and when he looked behind him he found it was Steve Johnston. 

Max knew he was in for one hell of a ride if Stephanie’s father was telling him what he did wrong.

“I’m sorry sir but I don’t see what this has to do with my sister. This is something that Steph has done to us not Melanie.” Max told Steve with a confused look on his face.

“Oh grow up boy. She was trying to tell you how she felt about your sister and what did you do tell her she is just jealouse of her and then get her into bed only to leave her the next day with only a phone call to tell her that your sister was more important to you then she was. Now look I know this is between you and Steph and believe me you are lucky that I am staying out of this cause I would have her gone from this town and so far away from you that you would never be able to find her our my grandbaby but she has asked me not to do that so here is what is going to happen. I see she has told you which is fine but you will not brother her. You will let her come to you for everything in this world you will start to work your way into her good graces again by showing her that she and this baby will be first in your life and that she will not ever have to worry about you leaving them and if you ever hurt her or my grandchild again I will take her so far away from you that you will never get to see either of them again. Do I make myself clear?” Steve said with angry in his eyes.

Max couldn’t do anything more then nod his head. “Yes sir I understand.”

“Good. See to it that you start to take care of both of them. Now if you will excuse me I am going to go upstairs and check on her. If I was you I would be ready cause Chelsea is on her way here and she has been told that you know about the baby so I would be ready for anything.” Steve told Max as he walked past him and on his way up the stairs.

Max watched him go and then swallowed hard. He knew he was not the least bit in the clear and he wondered if anyone was going to want to help him figure out how to get Stephanie to trust him again.

“Oh good you are here cause you and I have some things to talk about Max Brady!” He heard someone yell at him and when he looked at who it was he saw it was Chelsea and she was happy to see him in the least bit or to be talking to him.

Max nods his head and then sits down and points to a chair across from him. “I have a feeling we are going to be in for a long talk so take a seat please.” He asked her and she nods her head and sits down.

“A long talk is right. I am going to sit here for as long as it takes till I make sure you will not be hurting my best friend again and till you understand just how bad you have mess this whole thing up.” Chelsea told him with a look in her eyes that told Max not to mess with her.
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